Corporate wellness programs are growing in popularity. The Rand Workforce Wellness Study in 2013 found that more than half of all U.S. employers now offer a workforce wellness program.

Organizations both large and small are constantly looking for ways to reduce rising healthcare costs, while also providing employee retention perks. Corporate wellness offerings can vary greatly by company. Some offer on-site workout facilities, while others provide dedicated trainers. Others still, like Kohl’s Corporation, have opened workout facilities with full-time staff trainers, on-site pharmacies, and more for its employees.

Yet these and other wellness programs are missing a key ingredient — the expertise of a trained healthcare professional who understands nutrition. This presents a window of opportunity for chiropractic. Based on available data, few organizations currently offer on-site chiropractors as the centerpiece of their corporate wellness program.

Two organizations in Wisconsin are among the first to recognize the value of an on-site chiropractor to guide employees on their wellness journey, and they’re seeing results.

One company’s program has been in place for more than 12 years, with several chiropractors serving as on-site wellness and nutritional consultants, helping guide employees to safer work environments and improved health habits. The company has nearly 100-percent employee participation, and it has seen its healthcare costs drop to all-time lows, while employee retention is at nearly 98 percent.

Another manufacturing company has just begun a program with on-site chiropractic at its foundation. The program serves employees at three different locations with a chiropractor available two days a week. On the day the program was introduced, more than 80 employees signed up in less than three hours. The program is in its infancy, but the on-site chiropractor is quickly becoming a trusted adviser to both employees and management.